Tugboat is the customer relationship management solution for media superstars like you!

A few of the superstars already using Tugboat

Develop a business model around the people who admire your work the most

(Hint: it’s not advertisers)

How Tugboat works

Build your offering

Tugboat supports the widest range of offer types — from subscriptions to one-time payments, digital downloads or merchandised products. Connect outside services to facilitate delivery, set crowdfunding-like limits and track sales to completion.

Install our code

A simple piece of javascript allows you to sell on your site, identify your best fans and build a long-term relationship. It’s your community, not ours. Prefer to let Tugboat host your storefront? We do that too!

Ask your audience

Drive sales with just the right message, at just the right time, to just the right users. Your most passionate audience is ready to support you, you just need to ask.

When your audience supports you, they have higher expectations.

Here’s how Tugboat helps you deliver on those expectations:

Audience management

Tugboat helps you identify your best customers and those you haven’t heard from in awhile. Build your audience database and find the likely prospects for new offers with a few clicks.

Selling tools

Unlike crowdfunding and store building websites, Tugboat is highly optimized for media publishers — like you. We understand your business better than anyone else!

Messaging tools

Tugboat’s messaging system can be the help desk for people who support you and a private way to communicate with your audience that integrates with email but feels more special.

Tugboat inside

Not looking to join someone else’s community? We’re OK with that. Tugboat’s functionality can appear on your site instead of ours.